Tire Rotations and Balances

Tire Rotation Balance Service Mechanicsville, Glen Allen and Hanover, VA imageTire Rotations help to make your tires last longer by reducing uneven wear. Driving style, wheel alignment, amount of miles driven, and tire location on the vehicle are all factors in how your tires will wear. By rotating the tires as recommended by the vehicle manufacturers, tires wear more evenly which extends the life of the tires and ultimately saves you time and money.

Our Tire Rotation Service Includes:

  • Recommended every 7,500 miles
  • All tires are inspected for visible damage or abnormal wear patterns
  • All tires' pressure is checked and filled to proper inflation
  • All tires are rotated according to the manufacturer's specifications
  • All lug nuts are inspected for abnormal wear or damage
  • All lug nuts are installed to the proper torque specifications

Tire balancing is an excellent way to smooth out your ride and dramatically increase the life of your tires even further. All of this means fewer tires in the landfills which keeps our planet green!

Our Tire Rotation & Balance Service Includes:

  • Recommended every 15,000 miles
  • Includes everything in the Tire Rotation Service ... PLUS!
  • All tires are balanced to keep their weight evenly-centered on the rim
  • All old wheel weights, which are currently made from lead, are recycled to keep our planet green
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